Osimhen new contract is two points short of agreement.

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Victor Osimhen new contract with Napoli has not yet been finalized. Now I have to deal with the details of the football contract release fee and image copyright.

The 24-year-old striker was an important force in leading Napoli to the Serie A championship last season. After exploding with an excellent goal scoring performance. Although many teams were interested, the player chose to continue playing for the Azzurra UFABET 

In addition, there have been reports that. Napoli hastened to negotiate a new contract with the Nigerian striker. The current edition runs until mid-2025. 

Although rumors indicate that discussions are progressing well and that an announcement will likely be made soon. Gazzetta dello Sport revealed that the two sides still need to work out the details of two matters.

The first is the release clause, which is currently hesitating to put in the amount of 140 million euros or 150 million euros. But it is expected that this case will be completed soon.

The next part is the copyright of the player’s image. When Osimhen moved from Lille to Napoli. The club gave the player all such rights. But with his performance and being more interested, Azzurra tried to negotiate with the players. which still takes time to make an agreement

If both issues are resolved and agreed upon, Napoli is expected to take the next step to officially announce the extension of Osimhen’s contract.