Pogba has tested positive for doping.

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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba may be out of work because he tested positive for doping. The Zebras defeated Udinese 3-0 in Serie A on August 20. In the game, the French midfielder was only a substitute. Not being used on the sidelines.

However, ANSA reports that doping test results from the first Serie A match have released. And Pogba’s test results come back positive. With the report indicating that testosterone was used in excess of the prescribed limit UFABET

Although the doping testing team will conduct another round of testing to confirm. But the results are still positive and the matter has now sent to all relevant units for their acknowledgment.

It is considered another serious story that has happened to Pogba since moving back to the Zebras. Because last season he had injury problems all year long. And now there are accusations of overdose of stimulants.

It is expected that the relevant agencies will collect all information before considering the offense and will report it after this. The players are likely to be punished and banned from playing on the field.

His test results showed that he had Testosterone testosterone was positive. And at this time he was suspended from playing on the field. If the investigation is found to be true. It could result in a ban of up to 2 years. Meanwhile, if the court proves that Pogba intended to use stimulants. The ban may be extended to 4 years.