Xabi laments Barcelona’s unfortunate encounter with Manchester United

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Xabi laments Barcelona unfortunate encounter with Manchester United in Europa League.

Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez is in a serious condition. After his team faced Premier League giants Manchester United in the play-off round to determine. Which team to play in. Round of 16 of the Europa League.

From the fact that Barcelona cannot go through to play in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. By only grabbing third place in the group, they had to fall into the play-off round with the Red Devils, who are the second-placed team in Group E in the Europa League, to find another eight teams to play in the round of 16. After the champions of each group that have passed and waited before then.

After knowing the results of the draw in the evening time in Thailand, Xabi gave an interview to local media about rivals Manchester United, admitting that Barca had very unlucky to face England’s top teams. this

“This is the toughest opponent we have to face again. But we’ll be waiting for this game. They are a historic club. They have evolved a lot under Ten Hag and have some great players. And this is the worst draw we’ve ever faced. And once again we don’t have any luck,” said Grand Master Azul Grana, shortly.

For this couple last met in Champions League quarter-final teams in the 2018-2019 season and Barca won both back and forth with a 4-0 aggregate score, but in the end, it was Liverpool who managed to win the title.