Why Arsenal were overtaken by Manchester City

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Why Arsenal were overtaken by Manchester City.

Despite Arsenal 1-0 win over Chelsea in the last Premier League game and keep them at the top of the table, Simon Jordan believes there is one more reason the club’s players could in the lead. Mikel Arteta did not reach the title he had dreamed of.

The namesake guru told UFABET. After Sunday night’s game that forward Gabriel Jesus. Who joined the club in the summer, still fails to score a goal in a ninth game in a row. Huge for chasing crushes with Manchester City at the end of the season .

Jordan believes Pep Guardiola’s side have a chance to defend another title because they have an in-depth squad that can replace any position. And there is a shooting star like Erling Haaland. Who can break goals continuously and is leading the goalscorer now.

“Man City may have a better team ahead of them, but Arsenal can’t win trophies. Although they are currently in contention, City have a squad. That can substituted in every position and Haaland is in great form right now.”

For Jesus, he score his last goal in a win over Tottenham Hotspur on October 1. And so far past 9 games, the News still can not shoot more at all.