Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Liverpool: Issues after the Premier League game

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Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Liverpool: Issues after the Premier League game.

The Reds made their debut in the first half, Spurs were serious in the second half.

If you use the word first half and second half like a movie. Each roll doesn’t seem too wrong because in this game, the first 45 minutes. Liverpool controlled the game in the palm of your hand. Also invade ahead of Mo Salah, Who bought the second. The ball gave the team a chill advantage. The kind that had almost 70% possession of the ball on one side.

But the back in the second half, Antonio Conte manage to fuel his players at half-time until they came back down. Playing as a different team with the first half type that the first 5 minutes create more chances than the 45 minutes before. And also invaded the massage, almost one side. Unfortunately, they weren’t sharp enough with 11 finishing chances in the second half that turned into only one goal and ultimately lost.

Salah is back?

It is undeniable that the “Bangmo” Mohamed Salah’s form fell at the beginning of the season. Contributed to the performance of Liverpool to fall below the standard. Even since the end of October The Egyptian star seems to have started tuning in to 10 goals in the span of more than a month, 2 goals in this game for the first time in the Premier League this season. Whether he has scored more than 1 goal or not. That It’s time for Big Brother “Bang Mo” to come back to rise again!

Set play, Spurs have a good trick

What we didn’t get to see in the first half was Tottenham Hotspur’s set-piece. Who had just started getting their first corner kick early in the second half. They have been able to put pressure on Liverpool’s defense almost every time. So it’s no wonder they’ve the team that has scored the most goals from corners in nine times this season. Moreover, free-kicks or throw-ins often have a trick to play the ball formula in the air. Fortunately, today Van Dijk, Konate and Alisson play in form. Or the Reds could have been overtaken in the last 45 minutes.

Liverpool “The Robin Hood”

The Reds this season have nickname “Robin Hood” by foreign media, a cartoon character. Who often robs the rich and distributes them to the poor. It’s like their performance that often wins against big teams, falling down giants, playing well. When facing teams of similar levels. But.. instead stumble, giving away points as they play for lower-level teams, especially teams in the end zone. The table, as previously recently lost to Nottingham Forest and Leeds United, seems to afraid this season will not be fun at all. there