Aston Villa 3-1 Manchester United: A summary of everything

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Aston Villa 3-1 Manchester United: A summary of everything. After the Red Devils defeat.

1. Emery, the beginning of Villa, smashing a 27-year curse

There’s nothing better than making your new managerial debut with a win. And also to win after not defeating Manchester United in the match at Villa Park on the Premier League stage. For 23 consecutive games before. It is the longest record that one team has failed to turn up again in the top flight.

Unai Emery’s Aston Villa have started in a frenzy since the lead from Leon Bailey has been booed. Followed by a free-kick as a goal completely escaped after a few moments. Although the hosts lost the goal to beat the eggs. To the Red Devils at the end of the first half. But they were able to return to play in the second half with a strong momentum. No way back to the game

2. Bruno and Antoni are important to Man United, indispensable.

Manchester United visit Villa Park without key players Rafael Varane, Jadon Sancho due to injuries. While Bruno Fernandes is suspend and unable to play until the end of the season. Ten Hag had to send Donny van de Beek, Marcus Rashford, and Alejandro Carnacho to start instead.

The Dutchman’s team clearly lacked the imagination to form offensively. With only Carnacho showing a flaring of individual skill at the edge and Casemiro trying to drive in midfield.

Van de Beek, who plays the role of the attacking midfielder behind Cristiano Ronaldo, has a distinctly different point from Bruno. When his wand is to sneak into the final area for a chance. Coordinate with teammates and score goals. The killer pass, as we’ve seen from Bruno, isn’t his standout. And when the team was unable to maintain possession of the ball, the Dutch midfielder almost disappeared from the game.

Moreover, coupled with an offensive lineman like Antoni. Who has the ability to survive a one-on-one duel. This makes Manchester United a different team that can’t leave a ghost.

3. Countdown to Ronaldo’s time

Cristiano Ronaldo started with the captain’s armband for the first time for the Red Devils in Ten Hag.

Only throughout this game He is also a Red Devils outfield player. Who plays for the entire 90 minutes but has the fewest touches on the ball at 25 times.